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Air Infiltration = Moisture = Mold 

The vents, pipes, and downspout extensions that penetrate exterior walls bring the power, water and gas lines into a house, but they can also bring in moisture, drafts, mold and wood rot. Moisture exists in two forms: water and water vapour. Ignoring these breaks in a building's thermal barrier threatens the durability of the house and the health of its occupants.


Knowing where these penetrations are and how to seal them makes it possible to reduce utility bills, prevent drafts and stop the infiltration of moisture and all the problems that come with it.

The images are from a brand-new home showing an exterior wall penetration from inside the home highlighted in yellow from a downspout extension support bracket. The downspout was moved to another location by the contractor that did not seal this area causing a significant amount of mold and other damage to the home. These issues cause a significant amount of stress for the homeowner not expecting to have such issues with a brand new home. 

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